Why Regular Carpet Cleaning Is Important

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Carpet cleaning is not high on most people’s lists of things they’d rather spend time and money on, but it’s an essential part of good housekeeping for several reasons. Keeping carpets clean and shampooed will reduce trapped dust and allergens, keep your home’s appearance looking nice and build up your carpet’s resistance to wear and tear over time.

Professional cleaning is a small investment to make, compared to the cost of replacing a large total square footage of carpeting. The fibers of carpeting are such that they trap and absorb various types of dirt from the shoes of people who walk over them. Carpet shampooing will scrub out these contaminants and prevent your carpet from looking dirty and dingy over time. This level of deep cleaning will also scrub out stains that can and do happen due to various spills and mishaps. Certain portions of liquids spilled on carpets will seep through the fibers and can’t be removed with surface scrubbing. Set-in spills can lead to a carpet smelling unpleasant, and a deep cleaning with commercial equipment is required to solve this problem.

Keeping your carpet deep cleaned will keep it looking nice, which is important for both homes and places of business. A dirty, stained carpet in an office or store doesn’t leave a good impression on customers, who may start to wonder what other parts of a business the owner and employees may be neglecting. Visitors to your home also get a similar unfavorable impression from carpeting that needs a good deep-cleaning.

Clean carpets also go a long way towards improving the indoor air quality as well. Carpet fibers can act as magnets for dust, pollen, pet dander and various other allergens. People who suffer from seasonal allergies can find it especially problematic if they’re spending time indoors with a carpet full of these kinds of pollutants. In extreme cases, dirty carpeting can even increase occupants’ chances of contracting viral illnesses such as the flu.

Professional carpet cleaning is expensive, but there is a possibility for help with the cost over a certain length of time. Depending on the manufacturer, some carpet installation companies offer extended warranties that cover all or part of the cost of commercial carpet deep cleaning. These specific warranties will typically cover this expense for the first one to two years after the initial carpet installation. Opting for one of these warranties will go a long way in protecting the investment of the carpet’s initial cost for the owner. Replacing a carpet should not be required for a long time, and the expense of cleaning is a fraction of that expense in the long run.

Vacuuming is an essential regular part of removing carpets’ surface dirt, but it isn’t enough to keep carpeting truly clean. Carpet shampooing with specialty cleaning products will remove deep surface dirt that vacuum cleaners can’t reach. Most carpet owners don’t have their carpets professionally cleaned nearly as often as they should, and a recommended time frame is at least once every two months for most types of carpets. This should keep a carpet looking good and able to stand up better to even the heaviest foot traffic. Regular deep cleaning will also lead to a much more pleasant and hygienic indoor environment for everyone in a given home or office environment.

Visit K & T Chem-Dry for more information on how regular carpet cleaning can make your home happier and healthier.

How To Remove Common Carpet Stains

Having carpet in your home is a good way to beautify your Santa Cruz home, provide insulation, and protect your feet and joints. However, keeping carpet clean and stain-free can be challenging. Luckily, many spots and stains can be removed from the carpet if you catch and clean the stain before it has time to set in. Here are some common causes of carpet stains and the easiest way to remove them.

Dirt or Mud
While this may be one of the most common causes of stains in a carpet, this is also generally one of the easiest to deal with. To remove the stain, you will want to blot the area with a towel and a combination of mild soap and water. Once the stain is gone, dab at the spot with a clean towel and water to remove soap residue. Once you think the area is clean and dry, vacuum the area to see if the stain has been removed. If not, try again a second time. If it still doesn’t lift, you may need help.

Juice or Wine
Spilling juice or wine on your carpet can make your heart sink. While this is a common type of stain, it is very difficult to treat, especially with red or pink juices and wines. To clean the area, use equal parts warm water and white vinegar. Make sure to blot the area with this mixture, rather than rub or scrub the stain. Rubbing or scrubbing may cause the stain to spread and you will have a larger area to clean. If the stain does not lift, you may have to call upon a stain removal expert. Thankfully, there are many local carpet cleaning companies here to assist you.

If you cut your finger or get a bloody nose, blood may stain your carpet. If blood is on the carpet, you will need to work to remove it quickly, as it can be difficult to remove once it has set in. Use one teaspoon of liquid dish washing soap with two cups of cold water to dab on the stain. Continue this process slowly but meticulously to dilute and lift the blood. Continue the process until all of the stain has been lifted.

Pet Urine
Pet urine is an awful type of stain to deal with. The urine can stain the carpet, as well as seep into the padding, leaving you with a scent to deal with as well. One of the best ways to clean this mess from your carpet is to use an enzyme-based pet carpet cleaning product. The enzymes eat away at the urine, helping to remove both the stain and the scent. Wondering if your tough stain needs professional help? Here in Santa Cruz, this local carpet cleaning expert can help!

Unfortunately, despite your best efforts, you may be unable to remove every type of stain from your carpet. If after attempting to clean the stains mentioned above, you can still see the spot, it may be time to call in one of our local carpet cleaning professionals. They’ll deep clean the carpet, remove stains, and keep your carpet looking great.

How Heat Pumps Work and Hiring the Right HVAC Company

Heat pumps function in the same way as air conditioners. However, while the latter chills the air inside your room during the summer season, the former increases the temperature inside your room during winter. The air conditioning unit sucks hot air from your room, carries it to an evaporator inside the unit, where the air passes through a series of copper coils cooled by a refrigerant. The chilled air then passes through a filter, to remove dust particles, before a blower fan inside the unit expels it inside the room, cooling the air in the process. Whilst the AC operates on the normal vapor compression, the heat pump uses a reverse process, known as reverse refrigeration cycle.

Heating and air pumps

how a heat pump works

The process is different in the case of the room heater. It draws cold air from the room, and passes it through a series of heated coils, heating the air in the process, before expelling it inside the room. Both the air conditioners and room heaters contain a thermostat, which allows you to set the room temperature. In case of the room heater, the thermostat trips the power supply to the heating coil once the air inside the room heats to the preset temperature. This helps to conserve energy. Once the temperature falls, the thermostat activates the heating unit. You can set the temperature with the help of a remote control supplied with the gadget.

Disadvantages of portable heating units

The portable room heater contains of a series of high resistant wires, set in an enclosed unit containing either a convex metallic unit or a fan behind the wires. Due to its resistance properties, the coil heats up when power passes through it. The mirror or the fan disburses the heat emanated by the coil inside the room. Since most of these units do not contain a thermostat, they always remain in the `on’ position. Not only does this result in inflated power bills, it can also cause injuries by electrocution if someone accidentally touches the coil.

What tonnage is ideal for your room

The size of your room determines the BTU (British Thermal Unit) of the room heating and air conditioning gadget you need to purchase. To calculate the BTU of the heat pump, multiply the wattage of the unit by 3.41. However, this formula only provides the heating capacity of the heat pump. It will not help you determine the appropriate tonnage of the unit required for your room. Instead of taking any risk and purchasing a heating unit, which will not heat your room properly, get in touch with a reputable HVAC company.

Finding a reputable and dependable HVAC company

Search online! You will find many heat pump repair Richmond VA companies. Here are some points you should check before selecting a HVAC Richmond VA company like Bradley Mechanical.


  •  Make sure that they offer services round the clock. This ensures that you can seek their help in getting your heat pump repaired even if it breaks down late at night.
  •  Check the number of years they have been in the business.
  •  Browse through the testimonial page of their website and read the comments posted by their clients.
  •  Confirm if they have a valid license.
  •  Check if they use original spares and if they provide a guarantee on the replaced part.

How to Save with a Window Tinting Service


The first consideration should be efficiency. This can only be achieved by using the right type of tint for the prevalent climatic conditions. Choosing the tint intensity, the type of light emission control and other aspects will decide the efficiency factor for your home’s windows. But efficiency, however, is not just about how good the insulation is. There is a very important follow-on aspect – savings!

Saving Money

save moneySavings are a direct function of efficiency. The more efficient your window tinting, the more money you save. An expert will be able to tell you the exact potential for saving money, but for now it is sufficient to know that you will be saving in three digits every year – at a minimum. Depending on various other factors, this could easily become four digits. There are also many tax incentives in Indiana that everyone should check out.

The Environment

Efficiency and saving money are interrelated, but probably the most important consideration of all is the impact on the environment. Fossil fuels being the primary source of energy, any reduction in power usage can contribute positively to the environment. Using less power to heat, cool or ventilate your home, therefore, has a tremendous positive impact on the environment. A few thousand homes that use proper window tinting technology alone are enough to offset the carbon footprint of that geography.

A good Fort Wayne IN window tinting contractor like Sun Control Center will be able to help you achieve these goals. By helping you select the right type of window tint film or glass type, they will bring that efficiency quotient up to a desired level. By installing professionally, they will ensure that the efficiency is “locked in”. By executing the project in a smooth way, they will be guaranteeing that you contribute positively to the environment.

Making a Safer Child Care Center

kids on playgroundWhen owning a child care center, there are tons of improvements you can do for your facility to make it a safer place for every one of your kids. I have owned my business in Cross Creek, FL near New Tampa for a long time now and I know our building could use some upgrades to not only provide more safety of our kids but to make it more accessible to any special needs children. We also wanted to make renovations to bring us up to the present technological age we are living in by incorporating a top of the line security systems and multiple media learning platforms for our children to be at the top of their game.

We first need to focus on installing a central security system which may require a certified contractor. With this bad boy installed, everyone that comes into the building must check in via fingerprint. All of the rooms have high definition cameras to ensure the safety of all the kids in our daycare facility and alerts are directly sent out to all of the staff and parents cell phones when an emergency occurs or is in progress. We also had new fence installed that has added privacy in the play area and sensors which are linked to the security console.

fingerprint lockIn the educational media center, we incorporated many more computers and TVs so we can show more interactive shows and programs to the children. We want to get all of our children up to par in this ever changing technological world by showing them how to teach themselves and how to properly use the data they stumble upon the internet. We also hired a general contractor to have these installed properly.

To make other areas a little easier accessible to our kids, we constructed many pull out steps around areas like high storage cubbies or the sink. We also made more art workspaces in the creative center section of our facility. They have desks that morph into art easels and dry erase boards that project down into group discussion tables. Our dining hall was also designed to have drop down tables that can go up when we need more space in that room when we aren’t using it for eating.

To better aid our special needs kids we made sure to provide extra storage cubbies at lower levels and added more assistance bars in the bathrooms all across our daycare. We painted the front and back wheel chair ramps with really bright colors to make them more engaging and we bought alert monitors that our special needs students can press for direct assistance.

When all of our renovations were completed, I felt our daycare was set for success. It’s important to provide an engaging learning environment for your children to progress.  I hope this helps out others who are trying to achieve a safe and fun atmosphere for their child care center. Good Luck Y’all!

Carpet Cleaning Secrets

rug-cleaning Trying to keep your home in tip-top shape can be a constant struggle for most of us.  As tough as cleaning the house can be, nothing quite compares to maintaining your carpets.  The problem with carpet is that they pick up anything and everything.  From crumbs and dirt, to liquid and odd smells, carpets will hang on to anything with a tight grip.

For the most part, most people try to avoid professional carpet cleaning (By the way,Dr. Chem-Dry is my go-to Phoenix carpet cleaning company), but sometimes, it’s just unavoidable.  If you have a tough stain, don’t risk ruining your carpet, go with the pro.  However, for most household stains, the tips below should be enough to keep your carpet looking clean and fresh.

Blot Stains

One of the biggest mistakes that most people make when it comes to cleaning stains is that they vigorously rub stains when trying to do cleanup.  The problem with this, however, is that rubbing actually causes the stain to work its way deeper into the carpet.

The proper way to treat a carpet stain is to blot, instead of rubbing it.  This helps because blotting doesn’t require as much pressure to be put on the area and gives more opportunity for your towel or rag to absorb whatever it’s picking up.

Use White Vinegar

White vinegar mixed with club soda is a powerful carpet cleaning solution.  Mix the solution 50-50 inside of a spray bottle and spray the stained area.  Let the spot soak for 15 minutes and then use a sponge to soak up the liquid.  Repeat this process until the stain is gone.

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream happens to be an excellent choice for clearing up general stains.  Just simply apply a small amount to the stain and let set for 30 minutes.  After the cream has had ample time to work it’s magic, use a dry, clean, white wash cloth.  To finish off the spot, spray a bit of 50-50 mixture of white vinegar and water on the area and wipe away with a clean cloth.

Remove a Sticky Mess

If you’ve ever had a used chewing gum stuck on your carpet, then you know how difficult it can be to get out.  However, there is a sneaky tip that can help.  From your freezer, get a few ice cubes and place them on the gum.  Once the gum is frozen solid use a spoon to wedge the gum away from the carpet fabric and use a pair of scissors to cut the gum out.  A small cut at the surface will be unnoticed.

Home Remedies for Carpet Stains

carpet-cleaningCarpet Cleaning is not one of my favorite chores. Most of the time, I am happy to delegate this task to a professional who can do it better than I can.  Typically, I have a local Salt Lake City carpet cleaner come in and do a thorough cleaning, but this year, due to finances, I had to figure out a way to do it myself. I have broadloom carpet throughout my home, along with some very delicate oriental rugs that need regular maintenance. I vacuum them on a weekly basis, but with two kids and a dog, there are stains that inevitably find their way onto the surfaces.

I did some research on the internet and found some ‘recipes’ for cleaning solutions that are both effective and non-toxic. I have always had this preconceived notion that natural meant ineffective. I didn’t realize how wrong I was! As it turns out, there are many great solutions to carpet cleaning, both for maintenance and for wiping up those fresh spills and stains.

A mix of baking soda and water is a great stain remover, both for fresh stains and even ones that have been around for a few months. I mixed up a very thin paste (about 1 tbsp. of baking soda with half a cup of warm water) and applied it with a sponge. The stain was red wine that was spilled about 3 weeks before. The trick is to not rub too vigorously (this can push the stain further into the carpet) – just gently rub with a sponge; allow the spot to dry, and then vacuum the carpet as you normally would. I was pleasantly surprised with the results! You could barely see the stain and the carpet looked almost new.

Another great mixture is vinegar and water.  This method can also help dilute a lingering odor caused by the stain. I used this on my broadloom carpet in my living room. It had a few pet stains that I needed to get rid of. Again, it worked great using a sponge and gently dabbing the affected area.  Plus, there was no lingering vinegar smell, either.

It just goes to show you that natural ingredients can be just as effective as the more expensive, more toxic cleaners you get in a store!  I feel safe knowing that the ingredients I’m using aren’t harmful to my children and dog. The next time you have a stain you need to get rid of, I hope you’ll keep these tips in mind.

The Indy 500 After Party After Math

indy 500Last week was the Indianapolis 500 and I had decided to have huge after party. Earlier that day, Me and twenty friends had gone to the race then we all headed back to my pad to extend the celebration. I had ample amounts of pizza, beer, and booze and boy did we have a good time. However, my house took a hard hit when it comes to the order of cleanliness.  There were foot stains and food stains all across the house and my furniture was a mess. I honestly don’t remember too much past night fall but from the looks of this, I’m going to need a serious carpet cleaning company to help me out.

I scoured the entire Indianapolis area for a reliable carpet cleaner that could also service my upholstery cleaning needs.  Lucky for me, I came across the folks at All Brite Chem-Dry. I read their many reviews and the majority of them where five stars, even the ones on Google. I checked out their website and I was also pleased to find out that they had many promotions that I could choose from.   There were specials from everything from couch cleaning to a seven room carpet cleaning for only $299. I decided to give them a call and I was very pleased with the friendliness in their tone of voice over the call. I explained my scenario and they guaranteed me that they could help. I then scheduled a cleaning and they were out the very next day. The cleaning technician was there on time and was fully prepared. While he was setting up he educated me on how they differed from their competition with the hot water carbonation extraction methods. party picsThey use minute amounts of water which aided to the prevention of bacteria and mold. This also helped quicken the dry times. It takes only 2 hours opposed to the 1-2days of dry time associated with a standard steam cleaning. They also used an eco-friendly solvent called The Natural® which was actually all natural. It was composed of plant proteins and was safe around all pets and children. There was no other carpet cleaner in the world that has this stuff because it’s trade marked by them. They also used The Natural® in their upholstery cleaning methods.

While our carpet cleaner technician was doing his job, I decided to take a long walk around town. By the time I came back, everything looked as though the day I bought it. I couldn’t believe how white he got the carpets. There weren’t any traces of a late night redneck escapade. I was more than pleased with the services I received and I will definitely be calling the people at All Brite Chem-Dry next time I have any carpet cleaning needs.


Senior Care Home Improvements

I have been living in my comfortable little home in Birmingham, AL now for the past eight years. I love this home and I don’t plan on moving from here. I have recently hired a senior care companion to help me out with things around the home but he can’t always be here for me so I wanted to redesign my home a little bit to make it more accessible and senior friendly. I sat down with Bob, my in home care assistant, and we discussed what things could be improved upon around my home. We talked for a good hour or two and came up with some great ideas that could help make my quality of living a lot higher and safer.

Old Man | Senior Care | Birmingham ALThe first place to start would be the bathroom. I was going to have a walk in bathtub installed so I can get in and out a whole lot easier. I also wanted a hand shower so I could spray off areas that were hard for me to reach. To get up easier, we were going to install grab bars around the toilet and shower sections. This is something that my senior care aid and I could end up doing ourselves. Because of my carpels tunnel, I wanted to add lever knobs on the faucet and doors. It’s the twisting motion that is painful to me.

My next spot of focus would be my stairwell. I feel like I my legs are failing me fairly often so this will help greatly. I won’t ever have to struggle getting up the stairs to my bedroom! I also wanted to have a railing extension added at the top of the stairs when I’m getting out of the stair lift.

To better assure that I won’t be left without help when I need it most, I plan on installing a voice activated home monitoring system. With this, I will have my senior care helper and 911 available whenever I can’t get to my phone.

Another thing I’m excited about improving upon my home is a remote lighting and window shade system. I can turn the lights on and off in any room with just a click of the button. If I’m sitting down I can also click to dim the window shades.

I know that all of these additions will make me less reliant on my in home care services and for that I will be very grateful.

What’s the right window for me?

Garden-2There are many different kinds of windows, so it’s hard to know what kind of window is right for your kind of home or architecture. Here are some examples of great windows for you to take advantage of.

If you are looking for a traditional window for your home, a simple double-hung window should do the trick. However, that traditional, everyday window is not what’s going to make your home stand out from the crowd. If you’re living in Colorado, check out Renewal by Andersen in Denver for samples of great custom windows for you to choose from.

While awning windows can appear simple, their purpose is twofold. First of all, you are able to open this window up and out so you can shield your interior from the rain. It’s truly a boon. They give great access to fresh air in hard to reach places and they look great with any home, so if you feel as though you just need to have a little more air or light get let into your house, that would be a great place to start.

To give your exterior a bit more flair though, I would suggest the bay and bow window style. It creates space in your home while letting a lot of light in. It also creates unique spacing outside of your home with windows that jet outward. Advanced engineering makes them very durable, too. They can be installed in any large window opening and can become the focal point of the room or the scenery. The fact that they make a room feel larger and give you extra seating is just an added bonus.

If that’s not your style, gliding windows may open up your house a bit more. They slide horizontally, and are fairy long, so they can let a lot of light in. They work well with pools, patio doors, backyards and gardens to give you a great view and smell the air.

No matter what you choose, there’s going to be the right window for you. There are plenty of options that can fit into your home the best, you just have to start exploring.

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